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Firefox OS: How to prevent music/video to stop playing when the app goes into the background

If you have worked before or are currently working in a music player for mobile you have probably encountered this issue before. Especial measures are usually needed to prevent the system from pausing playback when an App goes into the

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Toast-like notification using HTML5

While working on an webapp that involves streaming music (using an audio tag) it came to my attention that when the audio needed to buffer the user had no way of knowing why the music stopped. Everyone I showed the

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Detect if app is running on Firefox OS using JavaScript

While we live in an time of Responsive Web Design where a webApp is expected to adapt to any screen (and device) it is still useful to have some way of checking if you are running this or that platform

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Quick tip: On Firefox OS Building Blocks failing CSP

One of the cool things about building apps using web technologies is just how much material you can get to bootstrap your idea. While github is packed with libraries and frameworks one of my favourite places to get resources for

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