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Quick tip: long press on Firefox OS

One of the most natural actions in modern smartphones is the longpress, which has become sort of the equivalent of the right click for mobile, with users expecting additional options to pop up at a longer than normal press. When

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Quick tip: testing if web activities are available

One of the coolest additions to Firefox OS are Web Activities, a function similar to Android’s intents they allow apps to delegate activities to each other quite easily, given devs a way for web apps to interact with each other

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Short Impressions on the Geeksphone Keon, the Firefox OS dev phone

There is always a sort of aura of importance on the first of anything. You could sort of feel this mixture of excitement and curiosity when the first Keons were handed on Madrid. Make no mistake. This is not the

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How to connect your Firefox OS phone to a Linux computer for app pushing

I was truly exited when Mozilla handed the first Geeksphone’s Firefox OS developer preview phones on the Madrid App Workshop last Saturday. They had showed us how, with the push a button, you could push apps from the 3.0 version

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